Tekashi 6ix9ine is back at it again this weekend, announcing that he will be performing at a show for over 15,000 people in Miami, Florida. Last weekend, the rapper performed a concert at a nightclub not too far away from Miami and when he jumped into the crowd, he nearly lost his $2 million chains after fans yanked at them. He also parted ways with his baseball cap, which is allegedly being sold online for over $15,000. With yet another show on his calendar, 6ix9ine is requesting all the smoke, calling out all of his rivals and telling them they know where he'll be if they want to catch him.

"MIAMI THIS SATURDAY," wrote the controversial rapper on Instagram, posting a video of him speeding off in an extravagantly colored Lamborghini. "MARINE STADIUM YOU LOOKING FOR ME IM THERE."

6ix9ine will be performing as part of Trillerfest, which will also boast performances from Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and more. In his video, 6ix9ine specifically antagonized all of the rappers he's gone up against in the last few years, saying, "Ain't no more f*cking excuses... You looking for me? You know where to find me, n***a."

It's safe to say that tons of security will be present for this event, especially after 6ix9ine's call-out video. Are you expecting some drama to pop off in Miami this weekend?