As people rush to figure out how they can make money off the latest technology craze, NFTs are only gaining momentum as people predict they'll be around for a while. Artists have been making thousands on the blockchain by offering exclusive art to their fans, dropping digital pieces that can't be recreated. Grimes made millions off of her NFTs and so did Tory Lanez. It looks like the highly controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine wants to be the next one to make a killing off the trend.

Following his trip to the Dominican Republic, the rainbow-haired troll announced his first two NFTs, releasing them later this week according to a press release. The rapper will come through with two unique 3D-animated NFT art pieces, which will reportedly integrate music from his TattleTales and Dummy Boy albums. Additionally, three other NFTs will be offered at a lower price point on the blockchain as collectibles for up to 125 fans. The two unique pieces will only be able to be accessed by their owners.

The press release also notes that additional perks may be offered at a later date to the person who purchases 6ix9ine's first NFT. Check out photos of the two key artworks below.

Image via publicist

Image via publicist

They will release on April 9 at 4 PM EST. If you're interested, you can participate here.

Who has released your favorite NFT so far?