6ix9ine has been one of the internet's most hated figures over the last few years and he certainly hasn't been doing himself any favors. After snitching on his entire crew back in 2019, 6ix9ine was allowed out of jail early due to COVID-19 and since then, he has been nothing but a nuisance. He is all over social media disrespecting deceased artists, and it seems like he has no plans to slow down. 

Despite his lack of record sales, 6ix9ine continues to bring in the money and he has spent it all on material goods. The artist has racked up a huge collection of chains and he is never afraid to show off each new piece. This time around, 6ix9ine decided to show off his entire fleet, all while sitting in a luxury car.

"WHEN I FIRST STARTED RAPPING Haters : I give him 6 months and he’s done 4 YEARS LATER ..............69 : How much does the Bugatti cost? You guys take cash?" 6ix9ine wrote. Clearly, 6ix9ine just wants to take every opportunity to rub his success in the face of his haters which is a strategy that has yet to pay off in terms of sales.

For now, it seems like 6ix9ine will continue with these antics, and we highly doubt he will stop anytime soon. After all, it's what keeps him going.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1