These days, it seems as if everyone is trading words with Tekashi 6ix9ine. After months of silence, the controversial rapper returned to social media, once again attacking any foe who is brazen enough to engage in his often vicious trolling. We've witnessed Meek Mill, Lil Reese, and 600 Breezy go back and forth with the New York rapper, and while 6ix9ine took aim at Lil Durk, the Chicago artist refused to engage. After 6ix9ine shared the story of his weight loss journey, BRS Kash had a question for him that wasn't received well and now, there's another rapper's name on the growing list of 6ix9ine detractors.

"The King Of New York Tho?" the "Throat Baby" rapper asked. 6ix9ine replied, "@brskash You are a one hit wonder, please take a seat." Kash wasn't fazed and continued, "So U Tellin Me You Over Biggie An Jay Z Is My Question?" The conversation was shared by The Shade Room, and both men weren't finished with the exchange.

"Everybody tough on the internet ... ya make an excuse for every rapper .. I been talking crazy to everybody since 2018 still untouched," 6ix9ine commented. "Ya gon say ' you hide behind security ' but if something happens to me YALL gon say ' AS THEY SHOULD!' Lol make up ya mind miserable people."

BRS Kash clarified that he didn't set out to beef with anyone, he truly wanted to know if 6ix9ine believes he's bigger and better than Hip Hop and Rap legends. "A Question Is A Question It’s None To Be Mad Or Beef Over If It Offended You [shrug emoji," wrote Kash. "Askin A Question Not Being Tough." Did 6ix9ine overreact? Check out the exchange below.

6ix9ine, BRS Kash, King of New York