It was announced yesterday that rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been sentenced to 24 months in prison, with 5 years of supervised release, despite rumours that he would walk free. 6ix9ine was facing charges of racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offences and drugs trafficking, but pleaded guilty to nine charges and has been very cooperative in the eyes of the court, which earned him a much lighter sentence than the 47 years he was facing. Despite the lighter sentence he received, which includes time served meaning he only has around 11 months left of his sentence, 6ix9ine did not appear to be too pleased about the verdict, as shown in an official court drawing of the rapper.

The drawing, shared by 6ix9ine's close friend, DJ Akademiks, who offered live commentary during the sentence yesterday, shows the rapper sitting in front of the judge, though turned to the side as though he was looking at the artist directly. His distinctive tattoos are clear as day, especially the "69" he has splayed across his forehead. His infamous rainbow hair is not as detectable in the drawing as usual, but the drawing captures his likeness to a shocking degree. It's the look on his face, though, that stands out the most. The frown and furrowed brows are so pronounced that they're almost comical, and while court drawings often exaggerate the features and expressions of their subjects, 6ix9ine's real reaction was likely not far off. 6ix9ine will be released from prison in late 2020.