Before he became Tekashi 6ix9ine, the controversial rapper was known to his friends and family as Daniel Hernandez. Growing up in Brooklyn, Danny lived with his mother in a small house, which he actually showed his fans in a video posted weeks prior to getting locked up. He may be a multi-platinum recording artist but who knew that he also attended a school of wizardry? Okay, that last part isn't true but if you compare this old photo of Tekashi in high school with a young Harry Potter, you've got to admit that they look pretty similar.

The rapper currently sits behind bars for his role in a racketeering case, facing trial in September 2019. As DUMMY BOY continues to sell in high volume, an old photo has surfaced of Hernandez from a school yearbook. It was posted by Our Generation Music on Instagram and many of the commenters have started pointing out how he would look just like the fictional wizard if he put on a pair of circular glasses. Wave around a wand and we've got ourselves Daniel Radcliffe's twin.

This entire situation surrounding Tekashi is pretty sad. His career appears to be ending as he faces a maximum of life in prison. Hopefully, his legal team can sort everything out before he heads to trial.