The winds of change are rising, leaving a rainbow-tinted mist in their wake. Amidst a report that 6ix9ine was on the verge of a "rebrand" of sorts, evidence has emerged suggesting that the rapper is indeed intending to change for the better. You may recall when Tekashi was hit with a charge after choking a 16-year-old fan, who allegedly hurled provocative insults, including "gay ice cream truck,"  in his direction. Eventually, the charge actually led to 6ix9ine's arrest, and has been a thorn in the rapper's side for a minute now. Now, however, a recent development seems to suggest that the tables may be turning in Tekashi's favor.

According to TMZ, 6ix9ine's legal eagles have confirmed that the boy in question, Santiago Albarran, actually showed up to the rapper's hearing on Thursday. Not only that, but he showed up on his own accord, and told 6ix9ine's attorney that he didn't want to see the rapper prosecuted. Despite sharing the same information with prosecutors, it doesn't appear likely that Albarran's pleas have had any effect, as the trial is continuing to move forward.

Still, 6ix9ine has used the opportunity to bury one of many hatchets. Apparently, the pair crossed paths after the hearing, and proceeded to take a picture together. They even shook hands - peep the pictures here. Perhaps 6ix9ine is truly interested in turning over a new leaf. Time will tell.