It has been a minute since Tekashi 6ix9ineprovided the game with his signature brand of antics. In fact, the rapper's career appeared to grind to a halt as suddenly as it blossomed, which is to say, near-overnight. After being hit with the threat of a potential life-sentence, 6ix9ine ultimately turned his back on his Treyway associates, earning him the dreaded reputation of a snitch in the process. For now, 6ix9ine remains locked up with his trial ongoing, and a new report points to a surprising development to come. According to Page Six, Prosecutors intend on using some of his music videos as evidence to nail some of the young rapper's alleged kidnappers, drawing back to an incident that left him hospitalized last year. 

Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to the initial report, Prosecutors feel that the videos provide help contextualize the feud between Tekashi and a rival gang, which ultimately led to the rainbow-haired rapper getting kidnapped last July. "The Government expects to offer at trial at least four rap videos, which are publicly available, and that provide context to certain disputes between Nine Trey and rival gang members,” reads the report from Page Six. It's unclear which videos they intend to use, but it's certainly curious to see a rapper's video once again used against them in a court of law. 

It would appear that Nine Trey members named Aljeremiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison are the subject of this particular investigation. As for what the videos might indicate, Page Six cites "appearances by members of Nine Trey, including Ellison, and lyrics that pertain to certain disputes between [6ix9ine] and rival rappers.” As time progresses, the case continues to unfold in mysterious ways, and one has to wonder where everyone will wind up once the dust settles. Even if 6ix9ine emerges in six months time, as his current girlfriend has since indicated, is the damage that has since befallen his name irreparable?