The slick-tongued Tekashi 6ix9ine is back in full force, attempting to reclaim his spot as rap's biggest supervillain. Among his latest targets have been Meek Mill, whom he recently challenged to a one-on-one fight, Lil Durk, who he's been antagonizing with constant reminders of his deceased family members and friends, and many others. 

The controversial rapper was previously taken down following a high-profile arrest for racketeering, among other crimes. Tekashi is infamous for "snitching" on his closest allies, including his former manager Shotti and other members of the Nine Trey gang. During his time in prison though, 6ix9ine's music continued to get streamed by people who were fascinated by his case, which earned him a wealthy record deal behind bars. During his latest update, the Brooklyn rapper revealed exactly how much more money he came home to once he was released.

Posting a picture of himself in front of a bright red Rolls-Royce, which was among the fleet of cars he showed off during his Meek Mill taunting video on Tuesday, 6ix9ine gave a breakdown of all he's accomplished in the last five years. "2017 : I was delivering food, 2018 : I took over the rap game, 2019 : I was facing 47 years to life," wrote 6ix9ine. "2020 : I got out of jail 20 million dollars richer, 2021 : I’m thanking GOD."

Not many will be happy to hear that the troll rapper came home to an additional twenty million dollars, but 6ix9ine has gotten to a point where people hate him so much that they'll watch his videos and stream his music just to share their negative comments. 

Do you think he will have a successful 2021 campaign?