By the looks of things, 6ix9ine is out here living his best life. Aside from the scuffle between a heckler and the rapper's security, 6ix9ine has been roaming the streets of New York unbothered. There were plenty of conversations had about his return to the rap game following his prison release, but he's stormed the charts and been accepted by fans with open arms. Yet, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is as welcoming, including The Game who shared a few thoughts on Twitter.

"Pop smoke dead but 69 alive. #GuessRatsOutlivingHumansNow," Game tweeted. It's safe to say that he won't be joining forces with 6ix9ine for any collaborative projects anytime soon. On Instagram, some are suggesting that 6ix9ine issued a sly response to The Game's comments by sharing a post about Pop Smoke to his Story. 

The photo shows the late rapper with the words "Long Live Pop Smoke" and over the image, 6ix9ine added, "I wish you was still here. Rest up." This comes just a week after 6ix9ine was accused of sneak-dissing Pop in a viral clip, so it seems as if he wanted to make sure it was known that he respects the late Brooklyn rapper. Check out Game and 6ix9ine's posts below.