Say what you will about 6ix9ine, but the young man has no shortage of platinum plaques. Some might be surprised at the rapper's breakout success, but he seems to have stumbled upon a sort of Merlin-esque formula for success. Now, he seems poised to go "10 For 10," and while "STOOPID" steady amasses a play count, "FEFE" has proven more than capable at yielding impressive results. 

"10 this year," boasts the rainbow rapper, before taking aim at his doubters. "@nickiminaj ðŸ’• we not together no more but u still good in New York," he adds, making sure to send his collaborator a pick-me-up. Even though she did allegedly curve his attempts, as per "Barbie Dreams." 

The news marks a win for Nicki Minaj, who has been having her honor besmirched of late. Quavo took it upon himself to respond to "Barbie Dreams" with his own "taxicab confessional." He even commissioned a skit depicting Nicki during his listening party, prompting many to wonder whether the "Queen" will respond to her former ally. In any case, at least she'll have another plaque to hang on the walls of her office, like trophies.