Things have not been looking too hot for Tekashi 6ix9ine, née Daniel Hernandez, in the legal department recently. Just last week, TMZ reported that a Miami stripper was suing the 24-year-old for injuries she sustained after allegedly being caught in the crossfire of an altercation he initiated after being called a "snitch." In 2018, around the time he was arrested in connection to his high-profile federal RICO case that earned him the "rat" title, the troubled rapper had a pretty bulky crew of guards around him. According to a new lawsuit filed by the security company, it seems like he forgot to pay the tab for the people protecting him. 

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Per TMZ, Hernandez is being sued by Metropolitan Patrol, who claim they provided security for him, particularly 11 days in November of 2018. In some of that time, he was seen parading around Los Angeles 6 bodyguards deep. In the legal documents obtained by the publication, Metropolitan Patrol claims Hernandez signed a contract with them where they agreed to provide 24-hour armed security for him. They even included a detailed schedule of the shifts they worked in the suit

The rate was set at $85/hr during the day, while night shifts cost about $127.50 an hour. They also claimed they provided him with armored vehicles, including a fully-loaded Yukon with ballistic panels and 2 police-style Ford Explorers complete with lights, sirens, and everything. 

The company says his tab totaled over $75k, but he has simply refused to pay. They're requesting a judge step into the situation now, and are requesting what is owed on the contract plus late fees and legal fees. In total, they're asking for upwards of $88k. 

The rapper's lawyer has said that his booking agency at the time, MTA Bookings, is responsible for covering the tab, not his client. He added the suit was "meritless."

We'll keep you updated on further developments in the case.