At first, 6ix9ine seemed content with circling quotes in a Page Six article. The news piece included quotes by Chief Keef where he stated he was "scared" and needed to "cool off" upstairs before reporting the shooting to law enforcement. 6ix9ine's Instagram made certain he highlighted the excerpts that made Sosa look sheepish in comparison to his position of strength (as the alleged aggressor).

6ix9ine's mockery of Chief Keef has cemented him as a formidable opponent, not in same vein as Drake or Pusha T, but as person savvy with his general posture. The NY rapper has posed as a lifelong Keef fan, goading Glow Gang fans into pointless argumentation. He made his next move his best move, going with a more literal approach on Instagram once again. This time, 6ix9ine posted a screen cap with figures estimating a 200% increase in overall streams for one of Keef's best known hits "Love Sosa." The drastic has occurred within a window of 24 hours, since Chief Keef got dragged into this conflict by virtue of defending his cousin Tadoe. As Tekashi managed to say, "I’ve brought u back from the dead. Welcome back."