Tekashi 6ix9ine might be the most famous snitch in the Nine Tr3y takedown but he wasn't the only one cooperating with authorities. According to VladTV, Jorge Rivera won't be receiving any prison time or face deportation after prosecutors vouched for him, saying that he was instrumental in taking down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. 

Rivera was charged alongside the rest of the gang members on racketeering charges but it was later revealed that he was actually working with authorities a year prior to the arrest. After catching an immigration case, authorities pressured him into cooperating, or else he would face deportation. Rivera was the first to call the police when 6ix9ine's kidnapping went down.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Rivera explained that he had worked as a taxi driver, and a private citizen, before meeting 6ix9ine and Shotti in Feb. 2018. "Prior to that fateful day, Rivera had never met (or even heard of) Hernandez or Jordan," prosecutors wrote. "Hernandez instantly liked Rivera, and days later Hernandez hired Rivera to drive Hernandez to and from an event. Over the next several weeks, Rivera became Hernandez’s regular driver." 

Two months after picking up the gig as 6ix9ine's driver, he was arrested by ICE and agreed to work with authorities. From April 2018 to July 2018, he had told the police bout several incidents such as robberies and shootings, even informing them of a gun being carried in the vehicle.

"Rivera’s testimony was crucial at trial because it corroborated the testimony of Hernandez and convincingly belied Ellison’s defense that the robbery and kidnapping were staged," the prosecutor added.

Rivera penned a letter to the judge, explaining that the opportunity to drive 6ix9ien appeared to be a "once in a lifetime" career opportunity that became the biggest mistake of his life.

"As my sentencing day approaches I cannot help but reflect even more-so on the consequences of having met Daniel Hernandez and the people he introduced me to," Rivera wrote. "To say that I regret my decisions during my employment with 'Tekashi69' would be a major understatement. Frankly after this whole ordeal I was left with much less than what I started with."