A few days ago, the first photo of Tekashi 6ix9ine in jail was released after his girlfriend shared an image of them together during a visit. Shortly after it was posted online, information started to be reported about the restrictions being placed on Tekashi while he spends time behind bars. His girlfriend Jade has a very strict dress code when she's visiting and they're absolutely not allowed any conjugal visits. After the photo hit the net, 6ix9ine's daughter's mother broke down during an Instagram live session, wishing that she had done even more to set him up for failure. Many assumed that she was hurling insults because of the reports that 6ix9ine hadn't gotten anything for their daughter for Christmas. However, Jade begged to differ on that.

Tekashi's current girlfriend Jade posted a video of Plies doing what he does best - having a conversation with himself in the car - before responding to a fan that it's simply untrue that Danny's ex is struggling financially. "He left her $100,000 and she knows that," wrote Jade. "When he comes home he will continue being a dad to his daughter I'm tired of the lies it's pathetic."

Given the fact that 69 can't defend himself from jail, his girlfriend is forced to get her hands a little messy. The exchange has since been deleted. Who do you believe?