Anthony "Harv" Ellison, a member of the Nine Trey Bloods gang and Tekashi 6ix9ine's kidnapper, has officially been sentenced to twenty-four years in prison.

Ellison was due in court today for sentencing and, despite his pleas, he was met with a pretty harsh result from the judge, who was the same from 6ix9ine's trial.

"I'm not an angel. But I'm not a monster either," said Ellison in court, according to @InnerCityPress. Judge Paul Engelmayer presided over the case, explaining that he had put a lot of thought into his sentence. 

"This was not a book club that you chose to affiliate with," said Judge Engelmayer about the Nine Trey Bloods. "The gang inspired fear with shooting, including in Manhattan."

He continued by describing Ellison's crimes.

"Snow Billy was shot in the head. You brought a gun to a house and threatened Nine Trey members whose loyalty you had begun to doubt," said the judge. "You participated in a fight at the LAX airport on Nine Trey's behalf. You cut Mark Hovde's face. You were in Manhattan, on a date with Ms. Ramirez - but rushed to Smurf Village. You bailed on your date and stalked Mark Hovde, you slashed his face -- 300 stitches."

He described his crimes as "horrific" before announcing his sentence.

"I think 360 months is not necessary. I find that a sentence below this can accomplish what it must," said Judge Engelmayer. "Mr Ellison, I sentence you to 24 years, followed by five years of supervised release. I hope when you get out you are not tempted to return to crime. The Department of Probation will have its eyes on you."

@InnerCityPress followed the courtroom trial unfold this morning. You can read our interview with the journalist here.

Do you think 24 years is the right move?