Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently serving time in prison for his racketeering arrest. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison with his trial set to begin in September 2019. It appears as though we'll be spending at least the next year without the rapper's wild social media antics and, after getting used to daily posts from the obnoxious artist, we have to admit that his presence is missed. Yesterday, an arrest warrant was issued for 6ix9ine after he missed a court date in Houston. However, there was no way he would ever actually make it to Texas because he's serving time in prison on the other side of the country. Tekashi's lawyer in the Houston case has since spoken about the warrant that was issued, claiming that he is hoping to get the case dismissed.

Attorney Carl Moore believes that since the rapper is currently in jail on federal charges, his Houston assault case should be dismissed. Moore spoke with Billboard about his reasoning, saying, "We plan to get the case dismissed and we have filed an affidavit to non-prosecution that the complaining witness executed...he does not wish to pursue the prosecution of Danny [Tekashi]." He later added, "[Hernandez] is in federal custody dealing with a racketeering case that is a lot more serious than what he's dealing with in Paris County." A hearing is currently scheduled for after the Christmas holiday.

The original charge stems from an incident in a shopping mall where 6ix9ine allegedly choked a fan who called him a "gay ice cream truck."