The long and messy saga of Tekashi 6ix9ine is, like a dead horse who continues to be pelted with blows, dragging at an eternal pace. At this stage, every bird in the avian guide has been used as a simile against him. The post-trial landscape has already begun to shape, with two camps emerging in a Civil War-esque fashion: those that will turn their back on the young informant, and those who will allow him to roost upon their shoulders once again.

Bob Levey/Getty Image 

And while it was initially thought we'd be waiting until the new year for a verdict to be reached, it's entirely possible that 6ix9ine channels Bing Crosby and makes it home for Christmas after all. According to a new report from HipHopLately, a piece of Lawyer Lance Lazarro's (representing young Tekashi) request implores a judge to speed things up, essentially. Should the judge opt to grant his request for an "expedited" sentence, it could very well spell an early return of the notorious New Yorker.

Of course, it's hardly a sure thing. The Judge may find himself shuddering at the thought of a 6ix9ine comeback, and opt to prolong things accordingly. Yet should arrangements have already been made, perhaps it's only logical to put a stop to the ride while the horse's legs are still twitching. Are you excited for the second coming of 6ix9ine?