Despite being one of the most controversial figures in music, period, 6ix9ine still finds a way to sustain his fanbase and generate buzz. His trolling is typically what keeps him going although it seems like people are willing to watch him perform, even if it means risking a COVID-19 infection. For instance, 6ix9ine was in Florida over the weekend where he got to perform at a crowded nightclub that seemed to be filled with fans.

At one point, 6ix9ine tried to crowd surf which led to him getting his chain yanked on. In addition to this, 6ix9ine got his hat taken off of his head, and according to the DJ Akademiks, the hat eventually made its way to eBay. The first time we reported on this, the hat was sitting at $15K but now, the baseball cap has 89 bids and is sitting at $100K.

It's fairly insane just how much demand there has been for this hat, although there is no denying that some people just don't know how to spend their money. At the end of the day, the hat doesn't have that much fundamental value, but hey, if you want to spend six figures on this, go right ahead.


Bob Levey/Getty Images