6ix9ine has drawn the ire of damn near everybody in the hip-hop community, to the point where fueling conflict has become an integral part of his pre-release rollout plan. And while that has grown quite tiresome for a great number of listeners, there remains a core number of loyal followers actively pledging allegiance to the controversial rapper. So much so that his new single "ZAZA," released directly after his heated confrontation with Meek Mill, officially cracked its way into the Billboard Hot 100.

MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Redferns/Getty Images

Though it didn't have the momentum that some of his previous singles saw, the fact that 6ix9ine managed to secure a position on the Hot 100 is proof that the game isn't quite done with him just yet. Even if people are simply tuning in to hate-watch, as many tend to do in this age of ours, that's hardly going to stop the numbers from running up. Now, "ZAZA" is sitting in the 90th spot, a position that will be reflected in the next Hot 100 update.

Of course, it's likely this development will spark passionate responses from both warring camps. The fans will maintain that 6ix9ine is capable of making waves even while surrounded by detractors and blackballing industry types. The haters will counter by stating that for all of 6ix9ine's trash-talking and boasting, he barely managed to make any real noise on the commercial front. Still, following the underwhelming release of his recent album Tattle Tales, it's interesting to see "ZAZA" garner as much interest as it has. All things considered, do you think this is a strong first week or a disappointing one for Tekashi?

Billboard Hot 100: #90(new) ZAZA, @6ix9ine.

— chart data (@chartdata) March 1, 2021