6lack is on the last leg of his East Atlanta Love Letter tour with dates in Houston, Orlando, and Miami before his three performances in his home city of ATL. We've covered some special tour moments so far, such as the proposal he welcomed on stage while his J. Cole featured track "Pretty Little Liars" echoed in the background.

6lack (born Ricardo Valdez Valentine) has come through to drop off some exciting news for fans, announcing that he will be releasing some new music for the holidays. "I know you ain’t ask me for new music but I got a couple songs ima drop off for the holidays love y’all," he wrote alongside a photo of himself. 

6lack opened up to The Guardian a couple months back and talked about his come up in the music industry, as well as the hard times he endured. “The extremes of my life have forced me to have conversations,” he said. “Having a kid forces me to talk; having a baby mother forces me to talk; having a fan base that is affected by my music forces me to have a message. I just want to know how everybody feels, so I can make sure I’m on the right path.”