It's becoming increasingly difficult to deny Kenny Beats' status as a bonafide "best in the game" candidate. If The Cave has proven anything, it's that Kenny really does have something for everyone. If you're unfamiliar with the basic premise, The Cave features Kenny linking up with his favorite rapper, laying down a beat on the spot, and watching as said rapper proceeds to obliterate his work. It's truly something to behold, and it's unclear as to why Kenny doesn't compile a mixtape of his Cave drops. Think about it - it would be incredible. 

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Today, Spill Vill veteran 6lack rolled through for an installment, and don't let his melodic vibe fool you. This man absolutely bodies the instrumental. In fact, he delivers one of the strongest verses thus far, blending comedy and charisma while exuding little to no effort. He's even sitting back, slouching like a fatigued nine-to-sixer, not a care in the world. 

"It was just the other day in line this lady tried to skip," he spits, over Kenny's frantic synths. "Said she was crip, let me ask Vince / find out you lying we gon' call Zack Fox / he gon' stuff your body in a tiny black box / wait he gon' suffocate you with his mustache ho' / your baby mama built like a bus pass bro." Check out the full video below - do you think 6lack needs to