With 6LACK's upcoming East Atlanta Love Letter set to drop on September 14th, it feels as if the young Atlanta artist is riding some well-earned momentum. Yet there exists a parallel universe, in which 6LACK never managed to escape from his "shady" record deal with Flo Rida's International Music Group. Now, 6LACK has sat down with Joe Budden for a new episode of "Pull Up," arriving in full tomorrow morning. In the preview, 6LACK appears to open up about his lopsided deal, which led to nary a dime from the Applebottom Jeans connoisseur. 

“In the three to four years that I was signed, I never did one paid show,ever. And I did a ton of shows with them,” 6LACK explains. “I never got paid for any show." Budden seems shocked at the proposition, suggesting the absurdity of such a situation; after all, Flo Rida spent a while at the top of the charts, largely in part to his family-friendly club bangers. 6LACK remains adamant about his former plight, doubling down on the narrative. " I never got paid, ever," he admits. "I never saw a check. The only time I saw money was when I was like 'Yo, can I get something to eat' from someone at the studio.”

"Oh no, Flo," says Budden, "we gotta square up my G." We can only speculate whether or not Flo Rida attempted to pay 6LACK with boots with the fur. Peep the clip below.