A seven-year-old girl has lost her life after being fatally shot while sitting inside a car at a McDonald's drive-thru in Chicago. The girl's father was also wounded in the shooting, which reportedly happened on Sunday afternoon. 

The shooting took place at the McDonald's located at 3200 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago. The two victims were a seven-year-old girl, identified as Jaslyn Adams, and her twenty-nine-year-old father. They were waiting in the drive-thru at 4:18 PM when multiple gunshots were fired from outside the vehicle. The seven-year-old girl sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Her father was shot in the chest. He is reportedly in serious condition.

Police have reported that no suspects have been arrested in connection to the shooting. Jaslyn's aunt Tawny McMullen described her niece as a sweet, talkative girl who was "real loving." "Please put the guns down, kids are afraid to go out the door because of this violence," she added.

Authorities are still looking for the suspect(s). We will keep you posted as new information is released. Pray for the Adams family. Rest in peace, Jaslyn Adams.

Over the weekend, there were multiple mass shootings reported across the country. Three people were reportedly killed in Austin at a shopping center, and three others were killed in Kenosha County.