We’ve seen plenty of Hollywood movies that show people hiding in bathtubs to avoid gunfire, but hiding in a bathtub to avoid a tornado? That’s new. It’s also exactly what a 75 year old woman and her son did during a tornado in Texas earlier this week.

In a report from local news station KYTX, the Marion County residents ran to the bathroom and hid in the bathtub when a tornado tore through their town. Charlesetta Williams and her son were lifted in the tub and carried into their backyard. Both Charlesetta and her son Ricky Williams were unharmed, but their home was destroyed (as seen in the second photo above)

“We heard a boom,” recalled the elder Williams. “We were laying in the bathtub in the bathroom, and we heard a boom. Then when we woke up, we were in the yard.” The elderly mother is happy to be alive, but is decidedly done with tornado rides for the rest of her life, concluding, “I’ma tell you, I don’t want to ride through another one.” Word, Charlesetta.

[via KYTX / KSLA]