Over the last decade, the crypto industry has been seeing a massive boom. There are now dozens of exchanges where you can buy and sell Cryptocurrency. Places like Coinbase now have evaluations close to $100 billion, which just goes to show how massive this industry is right now. One of the big leaders in the crypto world is none other than Crypto.com, which offers its very own card that can be used as crypto cashback.

Recently, the company has teamed up with various sports leagues, including Formula 1, the UFC, and even the NHL. Now, they are entering the NBA space, this time with a jersey advertisement on the Philadelphia 76ers' uniforms. Stubhub used to be the official jersey partner although that relationship ended back in August.

Joel Embiid

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“The Philadelphia 76ers are a perfect fit for our world-class roster of sports partners,” said Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek, in an e-mail per Bloomberg. “Not only will we see great brand exposure, but I’m especially excited about the unique experiences for fans we’ll create together.”

In the image below, fans can see what the new jersey will look like, as the Crypto.com crest is placed right over the heart. It looks good with the 76ers' colors and there is no doubt that these two plan to be in business together for quite some time.

While some fans have complained about the advertisements on the jerseys, this new reality has proven to be essential for league revenue. At this point, fans should expect these advertisements for decades to come.