Over a web of fraudulent activity that is hard to fully comprehend, Bryan Colangelo now potentially faces the axe from his employer, the 76ers' ownership consortium. Although he flatly denies any wrong doing, an internal probe led by Sixers' front office revealed that several bug accounts linked to General Manager Bryan Colangelo have been causing a disturbance.

Colangelo is accused of unleashing privileged information about the 76ers organization and drumming up "favorable narratives" on Twitter, especially at the expense of previous GM Sam Hinkie and his reputation. Colangelo is also accused of criticizing his own personnel on burner Twitter accounts. One exchange in particular resulted in franchise center Joel Embiid coming to blows with someone he suspected was an "armchair GM," and not a member of management.

The internal probe taken up the Sixers' organization has turned its attention to Bryan Colangelo's wife Barbara Bottini. League officials believe she was more than complicit in her husband's smear campaign, often times playing the role of a ghost writer. According to ESPN, many of his close associates are believed to be bracing for his exit. The dismissal, or his admission of guilt, would come as a shock to the basketball community for Bryan represents a strong inheritance in the sport, his father being the one time owner of the Phoenix Suns.