Several teams with postseason aspirations are interested in trading for Larry Nance Jr. of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Chris Fedor of reports that the organization is steadfast in not giving up the versatile young forward. 

According to Fedor, Minnesota, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Miami, and Dallas have all inquired as to Nance's availability. Even Nance's former Lakers teammate, D’Angelo Russell has advocated that the Timberwolves make a deal for Nance.

Larry Nance Jr. Cavs, Trade
Jason Miller / Getty Images

As for what's holding back a potential trade? Fedor explains that the Cavs value Nance's off-the-court presence in the community just as much as his on-the-court prowess:

But the Cavs keep telling opposing teams that Nance, who is expected to be back in the lineup on March 12 following surgery on his fractured left hand, isn’t available. They recognize what he means to the city and organization. It’s hard to see an immediate path to improvement by sending him away. Who — or what — is considered an upgrade? Altman has even joked with opposing execs about having to trade himself in any Nance deal because fans, coaches and players would quickly turn on him.

Nance joined the Cavs in 2018 after being traded in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and a 2018 first-round draft pick.