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A life-long friend of Lil Wayne, Mack Maine is the president of Young Money Entertainment in addition to being a prolific Hip-Hop artist as well. From 2004 to the present, the New Orleans rapper released a steady stream of mixtapes, sometimes in the form of collaborations with either Lil Wayne, Curren$y, or Birdman. Doc Canon presented one of them, "This Is Just A Mixtape," and had Pleasure P, Rick Ross, Gorilla Zoe, and Soulja Slim all make appearances in addition to Wayne. While Mack has certainly done his fair share of the work behind-the-scenes at the Young Money enterprise, he has joined Lil Wayne on tour and has performed frequently. Despite some legal troubles involving a shifty incident on Weezy's "Amerika's Most Wanted," tour, the southern rapper is awaiting his album debut, "Maine 4 President," in 2014.

Facts Only

  • In addition to being president of the Young Money imprint, Maine co-founded Kush Entertainment and Soothe Your Soul Records.
  • He was charged with sexual battery after an incident on his and Wayne's tour bus, alledgedly breaking some girl's jaw. He however turned himself in voluntarily and was released on a standard bond of 9 grand.
  • Some of his mixtapes were collaborative efforts: "Young Money Vol. 1" was with Curren$y and Wayne, "G-Series" with just Curren$y, and "Billionaire Minds" with Birdman.
  • He is the winner of the "Louisiana: Waiting Patiently" award, given to him at the '08 Ozone Awards.
  • Along with his Cash Money companions, he starred in Wayne's Behind The Music episode.

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