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Following in the footsteps of rappers like Big L and his now current mentor and frequent collaborator, Cam'ron, Vado has been rising through the Hip-Hop ranks with the help of his steely flow and his critically acclaimed mixtapes; starting with the release of Slime Flu. Of course, his initial claim to fame involved his collaborations with Cam'ron and, indeed, they already have bagged two albums and a mixtape together, Heat in Here Vol. 1, Guzz N' Busta, and Boss of All Bosses, respectively. The two of them form Cam'ron's Harlem originated Hip-Hop crew, U.N.. The Harlem-based rapper started out releasing tracks with his friend, Jae Millz, before a mutual friend introduced him to Cam and Dipset. Now, he has worked with a wide range of rappers, like Ace Hood, Wale, and Big Sean, as well as releasing a host of solo-mixtapes and an EP. His latest EP, Sinatra, will be released in 2014.

Facts Only

  • Vado first started writing rhymes when 16, and was influenced by Big L, Ma$e, and Cam’ron.
  • Vado's original alias was Mavado, but shortened it, presumably so he wouldn't be confused with Jamaican Hip-Hop artist, Movado.
  • Vado is an acronym that stands for "Violence And Drugs Only.
  • When he was 19, he appeared on a public access program, called, "Mad Ciphas." 2. Vado is an acronym
  • Cam'ron formed U.N. with Vado after he suffered a falling out with Jim Jone of The Diplomats.

Top Mixtapes

Top Mixtapes

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