It's 4/20, which means smokers worldwide are not doubt indulging in the bombudd, word to DJ Quik. If history is any indicator, hip-hop's biggest stoners will no doubt emerge from the smoke clouds long enough to drop off some new, weed-centric material. We've already seen increased activity from Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa, who dropped off an EP and a freestyle respectively. Now, it would appear that the two prolific budsmokers are joining forces for the most potent cross-strain of the day. According to a new post from the Boss, Rick Ross, a new 4/20 banger is en route, featuring some of the game's most ardent ganja connoisseurs.

 Yung Renzel confirms that a new single called "Mary Jane" featuring Sam Sneak, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, and Nipsey Hussle is on the way. The rapper took to Instagram to share the seductive and stoner-friendly cover art, which features a smoker's dream combination; nude people, access to music, goodies, and of course, marijuana. Unfortunately, Ross was less forthcoming with providing an exact time, so we'll have to keep a watchful eye. However, we can rest assured that it will be dropping today, perhaps even this afternoon at four twenty.

In the mean time, enjoy your day. Go outside. Adventure. Listen to an album from front to back. Do some writing. Make some music. File your taxes. Watch a movie. Live life.