No, this is not a synopsis of the BlacKkKlansman plot.

One of the United States' largest neo-Nazi groups has been infiltrated by a black man who had plans of taking the organization down all along. It is the National Socialist Movement that earns the distinction of being the organization that most recently elected a 54-year-old African-American pastor and activist from California to become its newest president. It is James Hart Stern who told CNN that infiltrating the NSM was a long-time ploy set up to take it apart.

"As a black man, I took over a neo-Nazi group and outsmarted them," Stern tells the outlet, adding that his plan is to "change it, reverse it, and ultimately destroy it." 

In his first step as president, Stern addressed a lawsuit against the NSM, requesting that a Virginia judge find the organization guilty of conspiring to instigate violence at the 2017 Charlottesville riots. He also plans to change the group's website into a source for Holocaust history lessons.

Stern's predecessor, Jeff Schoep, allegedly appointed Stern as a means of protecting the group from allegations of hateful activity and tendencies, including their alleged role in Charlottesville. Following his appointment, Schoep sent a letter to other members of the group saying that Stern had, indeed, deceived him.

Apparently, it isn't the first time Stern has duped a white supremacist. While serving time for mail fraud, Stern's cellmate was former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Edgar Ray Killen, who was convinced to give Stern power of attorney over his estate. Stern then used this power to dismantle Killen's KKK organization.