While the world waits to see if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar for his role in new film The Revenant, we've been given an incredible piece of movie trivia from Leo and his co-star Tom Hardy.

According to Hardy, while filming a scene in which he's burying Leo in some form (we assume it's not an important plot point since they talk about it so freely in the interview), he decided to throw in a reference to Bobby Shmurda

“I remember saying shut your trap house as well, which never made the cut. The Bobby Shmurda line,” Hardy revealed, probably referring to Shmurda's line "get up out my trap house" from summer 2014 smash, "Hot N----a." While Bobby didn't exactly invent the term trap house, we're happy to hear Hardy decided to take inspiration from him when throwing dirt in Leo's face. 

The question is, were they bumping GS9 on set?

Check out the clip below (it comes at 2:40).