A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Ella Band’s relationship has been on a rather rocky road for the past few months. After the birth of their second child last summer, Ella made some eye-opening comments on Twitter about wanting to be single in February. Soon after that, at the beginning of March, Boogie used his Instagram Story to reveal that he was no longer in a relationship with the mother of his children, although he made it sound like it had been his idea, thus provoking Ella's ire. 

"As much as I don’t wanna admit it, I don’t deserve @slaybyella_," he wrote for the world to see in his IG story, "You have a beautiful long life ahead of you and I don’t wanna be the reason you’re not happy. Be free. Go be what you truly want to be." 

Just moments after the post, Ella wasted no time to let the world know it was actually her idea to breakup. Bands responded to the “Mood Swings” rapper with her own IG story, reposting Boogie’s original message and adding "Lmao we already talked about this in real life and it was my idea. Why he coming on Instagram with it like he setting me free. Boy, go to hell."

Now, less than a week after all of this broke out over Instagram, A Boogie is seemingly missing Ella already. The New York native shared a boomerang post on Instagram of a Celine hat with the caption, "I’m ballin but I miss her," subtly but clearly referring to his ex.

Now fans are waiting for Ella’s next move. Will we see the the couple revive their relationship or will Ella clap back, again?