Silver screen depictions of Italian Mob life often portray the members as dangerous, loyal, and professional. A mob is more than a gang, it’s a family of powerful and influential men that control their own destinies, and move with conviction. Each member of the cinematic mob serves a distinct purpose, and must bring something of value to the crew. Something that makes the mob stronger as a united front, a collectively beneficial quality or trait. An intangible that is unique and profitable, or a skill that is essential to the prosperity of the mob are valuable assets that are necessary for growth and success. As if they were birthed from a Martin Scorsese script, the A$AP Mob embodies all of the characteristics of a cinematic mob. The fierce camaraderie and blind loyalty between the members of the A$AP collective are reminiscent of the kinship displayed in Hollywood gangster flicks. The ability to capture a cinematic aesthetic and convert it into a dominant hip-hop movement was all the work of A$AP Yams. Yams, the heart and soul of the A$AP Mob, is the man responsible for the success of the first New York crew to make it big since G-Unit. Rarely has a collective with such an eclectic style influenced the direction of hip-hop as immaculately as the A$AP Mob.

Until three insanely clever New York natives created a crew that would infiltrate hip-hop and change the game, New York rap was on a decline. Breathing life into the east-coast would be no easy feat, and A$AP Yams, the mastermind, concluded that a change needed to be made. Jadakiss, a god and a pioneer in the New York hip-hop scene, once rapped, “Fuck is everybody so mad at the south for/ learn how to switch ya style up, go southpaw.” Yams took heed of the LOX member’s advice and studied every aspect of hip-hop. From the boom bap of early New York hip-hop, to the chopped and screwed melodies of Texas, Yams would draw influence from every corner of the rap map. He functioned as a hip-hop encyclopedia, and used his knowledge to manipulate the infiltration of his crew into the competitive music and fashion industries. Born Jesus Steven Manuel Rodriguez Paulino, A$AP Yams is one of three founding members of the Mob. He orchestrated the Mob’s ascension to fame and fortune, but the young boss passed away in 2015. Although the cause of death was officially labeled a drug overdose, A$AP Rocky told MTV that Yams' sleep apnea led him to choke on his own vomit in his sleep.

Yams’ passing rocked the crew to its core, and an official Yams Day Festival was created in his honor. A$AP Bari, Yams' childhood friend, is another founding member of the Harlem based hip-hop collective. Bari was the genius that connected Yams and Rocky, a friendship that would ultimately put the Mob on the map. A$AP Illz, the last of the founding members, is the Mob’s model. Together the orchestrator, the mastermind, and the model built the foundation of the hottest Harlem crew since Dipset. The Mob boasts a colossal roster, and keeping up with the entire crew can be complicated. Like every crew, there’s front players and back players. Many fans are only familiar with the faces that repeatedly grace GQ covers and get heavy spins at the local club, but every member of A$AP Mob is instrumental to the crew’s continued success.

Here’s a full breakdown of the A$AP Mob's roster.