Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo were spot checked in March while filming "Hoova," a music video that went on to garner 1.8 million views on YouTube, as of this date. As the story goes, police officers in the area where the video was being shot, were responding to a report that a good number of video "extras" were brandishing weapons out in the open. 

As police officers descended upon the scene, several dozen of the men posing for the camera, dropped their weapons and proceeded to run from the scene. Police officers were later able to link the abandoned firearms to 20 known gang members in the Houston area - only Maxo Kream nee Emekwanem Biosah J, and NFL Cartel Bo nee Warren Brown resigned to holding the spot, leading to their immediate arrest.

Maxo Kream was later discharged, but NFL Cartel Bo, a registered felon in the state of Texas, was charged with illegally possessing two assault rifles and threatening a police officer. Cartel Bo posted his bail, broke his ankle monitor, and hasn't been heard from since.

As for the 20 alleged gang members that were salvaged with gun registration papers and video identification, at least 11 of them are currently under federal custody - the rest are "wanted men" with warrants out for their arrest.