The pandemic shut down the movie industry, but it's coming back in full swing. The first sign of significant life at the box office was Godzilla VS Kong, which scored a pandemic-breaking opening weekend. That record has now been broken as well, by A Quiet Place IIThe horror film took the box office by storm this weekend, racking up $48 million. The sequel is expected to amass $58 million by Memorial Day. The first film scored a $50 million opening, so the sequel is on track to outdo it, all without things being fully reopened.

“This is an outstanding opening,” stated David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “[It’s] well above average for a horror sequel.” Gross believes that A Quiet Place Part II could have debuted to $60 million if all theaters were open. “Still,” Gross stated, “this movie is going to make a lot of money and bring enormous value to streaming.”

A Quiet Place II will debut on Paramount Plus in 45 days. The new streaming service is aiming to compete with the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Max. Disney's Cruella is also doing well, especially for a film that can be watched at home for $30 on their streaming service. The origin story for the famous villain brought in $37.4 million globally, which is expected to hit $42.6 million through Memorial Day.