There's big news being confirmed today out of the worlds of Star Wars and Disney: the iconic sci-fi franchise is getting its own immersive hotel which, on paper, sounds unlike anything that the Magic Kingdom has undertaken before.

As per a report in TechCrunch, Disney's Orlando theme park will soon boast a new attraction that will surely excite all fans of the George Lucas-created space opera. Dropping the news during their presentation at the D23 Expo in Los Angeles, details are still scant on what exactly the hotel's experience will be comprised of, but a few things are known for sure

First, and probably a given since this is a theme park, all of the employees  will be in costume and in character throughout the day. Expanding upon that is the fact that each guest "will get a storyline, which Disney specifically says will 'touch every single minute of your day,'" according to TechCrunch. Finally, since the storyline is meant to take place onboard a spacecraft, all "windows" in the hotel will only show space-themed images. Like I said, for fans, it sounds like an incredibly cool prospect.

No further details are available at the time of this writing, including what a night in said hotel might be going for down the road. However, for all Star Wars enthusiasts from around the globe, this sounds like an opportunity that definite shouldn't be missed. 

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars adventure The Last Jedi below. The film opens nationwide on December 15th.