Supergirl is the latest DC hero to nab a feature film. According to Variety, the film's script will be handled by 22 Jump Street writer Oren Uziel, though a producer has not yet been secured. 

The character was first portrayed in film by Helen Slater in 1984's Supergirl, directed by Jeannot Szwarc, written by David Odell, and co-starring Faye Dunaway, Mia Farrow, and Peter O’Toole.

Over the next year, DC is planning the release of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, which opens in December, and Asher Angel’s Shazam, which opens April 5, 2019.

8 months ago, Warner Bros. put Walter Hamada in charge of comic book movies, reportedly looking for more quality control over its films in the superhero genre. DC has failed to match the popularity of Marvel's films. While Wonder Woman was a critical success, Justice League was a disappointment in all categories.

On top of 22 Jump Street, Uziel has penned scripts for Mortal Kombat, The Cloverfield Paradox, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Of course, it is far too early for the casting process to have begun, but we are curious who will take on the role, which could potentially be a star-making moment. Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman in the 2017 film of the same name was praised for her performance and will return in the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984.