If you've been following A-Trak over the last couple of years, you'll know that he has a lot on his plate these days. Last year saw him releasing collaborative efforts as Duck Sauce, and Low Pros, as well as plenty of promises for things to come. We caught up with the producer and Fool's Gold founder at SXSW to discuss his collaborations with some of Atlanta's finest, as well as his plans for this year. 

While Atlanta is known as a highly collaborative scene, A-Trak told us that his Low Pros partnership with Lex Luger served as the first time some of the city's biggest rappers and producers had joined forces. "Even though those guys are all open to collaborating, some of them hadn't worked together," he said of the sessions. "Even Metro and Lex-- they knew each other, but they had never worked together until I put in the call."

Apparently, Low Pros was born simply out of a trip A-Trak took to record in ATL. "Low Pros really wasn't conceptualized until it happened. I've been wanting to go to the studio for a while... I'd always heard about how open people are about working together," he revealed. "I'd just started talking to Metro Boomin a few weeks prior, this like a year and a half ago. I reached out to him, but then reached out to Young Thug... Thug brought PeeWee [Longway]. Rome fortune was at those sessions, Childish Major was at those sessions."

There's still plenty more material from the project in the vault, but it's still being fine-tuned. "If I wanted to put out 2 more EPs now I could, but I just want to make sure that the songs we put out are the right ones for the right moment." he said. "I'm still tinkering with the songs from the second EP."

A-Trak then gave us some details on Rome Fortune's next move, which will be a project released through his label. "Rome Fortune is doing a project on Fool's Gold," he confirmed. "He and I recorded something together for a Low Pros thing... but we're gonna do more anyways."

He revealed that he and Rome's relationship was birthed out of the rapper showing up to a number of Fool's Gold Day Off events. "To have him know that we see him as family, and that the doors always open for him... After that I was like, 'let's do this project!', and it all came together."

Watch the the full interview, in which A-Trak also talks about his relationship with Kanye, the elusive nature of Cam'ron, and his impending run of solo material, below.