We touched down in Atlanta relatively late in the day on A3C’s second day of festivities, landing at the airport around 4 PM where I connected with my NYC counterparts, aka Simone aka DJ S. WHiT aka our artist relations manager (that’s my last aka), and our bawse Saro. We picked up our vehicle, a shimmering silver S.U.V. (cause Saro doesn’t like white cars), and headed to downtown Atlanta, specifically the Loudermilk Center, where we were due to meet up with the homies Audio Push for a little interview. We had actually planned to catch Joe Budden before Audio Push, but given the fact that Joe was on rapper time, and we were too apparently, as we were running an hour behind, it didn’t happen. When we arrived at the Loudermilk Center, we found Price, rocking some cowboy-esque black boots and skinny jeans, and Oktane, who had a grey tuque atop his trademark dreads and a black leather jacket with a crispy white tee, chilling in a room to themselves, listening to their own shit, and having fun with it too; they were getting up on the chairs and dancing. Both these dudes are good-natured, amicable and easy-going— we sat down with them and had to repeat the interview because I forgot to press record on the audio, but they weren’t tripping they were more than happy to run down everything for round two.

By the time we wrapped up with those boys, we were about ready to check in to the hotel, located on Peachtrees in downtown ATL, and, more importantly, we were ready to eat. We were eating, bruh, as they say. Saro took us to a seafood restaurant, Ray’s in the City, where we feasted, for real, on just about every type of seafood you could desire: sushi, oysters (2 kinds; rockefellers and raw), calmari, shrimp (2 kinds; spicy and broiled), scallops, salmon, crab cakes, lobster and sushi. Not even lying. It was lit. Nay, it was delicious. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel. Simone and our videographer for the trip, Rob, hit up a showcase at Harlem Nights, which proved to be rather uneventful, and the rest of us called it quits; we we’re ready for our second day (and A3C’s third day).

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All photos by Rob Hairston.