Contrary to what people may say, not all publicity is truly good publicity, yet Aaron Carter couldn't care less. The former child star has taken social media by storm over the last few weeks, and as far as he's concerned, everything is well as long as people continue to talk about him. Days ago, Carter visited Adam 22 on his No Jumper podcast to talk about all of the chaos surrounding him, but following the chat, Carter wasn't happy with how Adam talked about his mental state. 

The two went back and forth on Instagram before Adam agreed to have Carter return for yet another interview. What ensued was a bizarre, random, difficult to watch exchange where Carter shared that he's the biggest thing in the entire world right now because he's the most Googled name. Carter continued to accuse his brother Nick of rape before Adam suggested that Aaron may be a tad fixated on his brother and could possibly be losing it just a bit.

Watching this conversation roll on is comparable to driving in different directions ever three to four minutes. Nick regularly attempted to insult Adam while telling him to shut up repeatedly. The singer then shared his phone number and said he wanted to take live calls so you can just imagine how that went. If you're up for it, jump to minute 45 and watch it all go down for yourself.