Aaron Carter is sparking a lot of controversy with his decisions lately. He's been showing off his Rihanna-inspired face tattoo, in the style of the mythological Goddess, Medusa. Recently, he added to the depiction with some neck ink. 

According to TMZ, the tattoo artist, Herchell Carrasco, even tried to convince Carter out of getting the tattoo, since he apparently wanted it to cover his entire face. After assessing his mental health, they both agreed to do it on the side of the face, and neck. Carrasco confirmed that Carter was in the right mental state to get the tattoos. Although they agreed upon a $3,000 rate for the tattoo, Carter actually paid Carrasco $2,000 more than what he asked for, totaling $5,000. 

Everyone's been baffled by his behaviour, not only with his choices in body art, but with the accusations he's been leveling against his siblings. The neck tattoo is just the cherry on top.

Despite all of this behaviour, the artist looks happy with his recent tattoos, and he is more confident than ever, claiming he's the "hottest artist in the world" today.

Is the early 2000s heartthrob just trying to stay relevant with these recent decisions? Let us know what you think in the comments.