Aaron Carter's still finding success in the midst of all of the craziness attached to his name right now. He's made a few appearances on No Jumper with Adam22 while reports of his older brother, Nick, filing a restraining order against him have run rampant. Many have suggested that his behavior and physique is possibly attributed to his substance abuse issues but it was an article that was published recently that forced him to address it once and for all. 

Aaron Carter has come to his own defense after the Internet's allegations. Taking to IG, he shared two videos on IGTV -- the first is of himself pissing in a cup with his back turned to the camera (phew) and the other shows the results of the piss test. Ultimately, the test results, which is meant to detect cocaine, meth, MDMA, PCP, opioids, amphetamines and THC, found that he was clean with the exception of THC.

It appears he was prompted to release these videos after a story came out that there was white powder on his credit card, insinuating that he's been abusing cocaine.

Although he is sober, some of his behavior in recent times have been kind of suspect. He recently got a massive face tattoo that appears to be Rihanna as Medusa. While it's only on the side of his face, the tattoo artist responsible for the piece said that he wanted the tattoo in the middle of his forehead.