Aaron Carter knows how to keep the focus on him whether it's good or bad attention.

The Marriage Bootcamp star had social media in a frenzy when he posted a viral video of himself ordering Chinese food. Judging by the caption of the Instagram post, his friends were apparently having a hard time placing their orders over the phone. That's when the former child-heartthrob swooped in to lend a helping, yet racist, hand by putting on an exaggerated Chinese accent.

Even though, they proudly accomplished their goal, fans did not find it humorous. It wasn't long before people peeped what he considered "satire" and lit him up by calling him racist. On the other hand, some have opposing views on what he did. Many even claimed they believe it's best to communicate with foreigners through "broken English" because it makes it easier for them to understand. The 32-year-old has gone on unbothered, however, calling Americans "weird," according to The Blast

Aaron's been on a roll when it comes to bizarre and inappropriate behavior. He's shared almost every possible aspect of his cringe-worthy private life and people can't help but wonder when will it end? From random Medusa/Rihanna-inspired face tattoos and online drug pee tests to calling his Backstreet Boys brother, Nick Carter, a serial rapist, this man seems to have no issue digging himself into a deeper hole.

Let's just hope his recent altercation with PETA will bring about some sort of wake-up call.