The NBA's All Star festivities will take place in Chicago in 2020 and fans are already gearing up for a star-studded Dunk Contest, which could include two-time champion Zach LaVine as well as his slam dunk rival, Aaron Gordon.

LaVine has not competed in the Dunk Contest since 2016, when he narrowly beat out Gordon, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he returned to put on a show for the hometown crowd. With that in mind, Gordon has already begun planting the seeds for a rematch against LaVine come February.

The Orlando Magic forward was recently asked by TMZ about the possibility of competing in a third Dunk Contest, to which he replied, "I think so, it's starting to look like that. It's really up to the NBA, but we're gonna do it." He added, "Zach seems down for right now, and you know it's in Chicago so he'll probably do it."

As seen in the video embedded below, Gordon also threw out names like Zion Williamson and the 2018 winner, Donovan Mitchell. However, Williamson didn't seem to keen on the idea of competing in the dunk contest when asked about it in June.

During a pre-draft interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Zion explained:

"Honestly, I don't think I'm gonna do it. To be honest, but, unless something can change my mind."

“I’m not much of a dunk contest person. It’s kinda like, I just do it in warmups to get myself going.”

When pressed further, the No. 1 overall pick added,“They already got some great dunkers, they ain’t missing nothing with me.”