Recordings of the late Aaron Hernandez have been released to the public recently, including a serenade to his alleged lover Ryan McDonnell. According to reports, the imprisoned athlete spent 40 minutes of his 45-minute visitation time with him, leaving his then-fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, with only a sliver of the allocated time. 

Hernandez can be heard singing the lyrics of a Calvin Harris love song: “It says: ‘I need your love, I need your time, when everything is wrong you make it feel right — I feel so high, I come alive, I need to be free with you, tonight.” While McDonnell may have enjoyed the interaction, he was still worried about Shayanna: “They gonna let us when we’re halfway done? I don’t wanna take Shayanna’s time, you know what I mean?” Hernandez' response was slightly dismissive, saying he “didn’t even know she was coming in.”

 Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

McDonnell continued to express some concern for Shayana. Later, their conversation was cut off by her entrance. “Here comes Shay,” McDonnell said. “I love you” Hernandez whispered. 

When Shayana finally entered the visitation space, she gave Hernandez grief for making her wait. “So, I really came here for five minutes?” Shayanna said. “I could’ve came up next week. I told you that I didn’t want to come up here in the first place because you had another visitor.” Hernandez seemed to feign ignorance when he asked, “Oh, you can’t just walk in?” Shayana responded: “They called the front and then the guys that I always deal with was like: ‘Oh you only have five minutes or ten minutes.’ I told you I didn’t want to split the visit in the first place.”

Shayanna gave birth to their daughter in May 2018.