Right before HBO aired the final chapter in the Game of Thrones saga, the trailer for Westworld's upcoming season flashed before our eyes, a first look at the character drawn up for Aaron Paul. Season 3's trailer will inevitably fall short of assuaging any leftover GOT fans reeling from the immediacy of their loss, or worse yet - a loss of consciousness resulting in a sick note from the doctor, who his or herself is reeling from the same condition. Sounds like a real bummer, doesn't it?

Not so fast. If anything's going to cure the GOT hangover it's going to be a surrogate program like Westworld, and what better way to kick things off than with a revamped cast going into Season 3. At about the 1-minute mark of the new Westworld trailer, Aaron Paul makes his first official appearance in a WW uniform, with Pink Floyd playing over the narration.

Aaron Paul isn't alone in joining the cast this go-around. Kid Cudi is the other notable addition, joining what was already seen as fairly "stacked roster" for the silver screen. "Dolores," the series' protagonist portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood, appears at the tail end of the trailer, walking underneath a bridge (on the outer limits of the amusement park). Lena Waithe, who doesn't make an appearance in the 1:40 teaser, is listed as a cast member for Season 3, as is Vincent Cassel, believe to assuming a villainous role in the story. And, get this: Marshawn Lynch is believed to be onboard the project as well. Season 3 is slated for release in 2020. Keep it locked.