Last weekend, Aaron Rodgers received a standing "O" for climbing back from his seat. The Green Bay Packers' quarterback returned from a midgame injury to lead his team to a 24-23 victory over the Chicago Bears. In the aftermath of the Packers' exhilarating victory, team doctors have ruled his status "questionable" ahead of tomorrow matchup against the Vikings. The feeling is that if he's cleared to play, Rodgers will undoubtedly line up next to his 'mates on Sunday, for he is a fierce and proud competitor. 

Packers' coach Mike McCarthy was asked to comment on his status right after practice. "He could play with no reps," McCarthy said. "We've established that point some time ago in his career. So I think it's no different. You'd like to walk off the field Saturday and have your plan set, but this is the National Football League, things happen." The final verdict: "We'll see how it goes," in the words of his coach.

It is believed Aaron Rodgers sprained a ligament other than his ACL, based on his recovery so far. An MCL, LCL and PCL sprain kind of dissipates on its own, but an ACL injury normally requires you to undergo a surgical procedure. Best of luck.