Aaron Rodgers is currently in the midst of trying to get out of Green Bay as he is no longer happy with the franchise. After years of not giving him the pieces needed in order to win, Rodgers is claiming to be done with the team and if they don't do what he wants, he will ultimately retire or at least try to sit out for a few years until his contract has run out.

In the meantime, Rodgers has expressed interest in being the permanent host of Jeopardy! He was a guest host for the show just a few weeks ago and he ended up getting rave reviews. Now, he is a prime candidate to become the full-time host and some wonder if he would leave football to pursue the gig.

Aaron Rodgers

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Well, fuel was added to the fire recently as ABC's hit TV show The Conners announced that Rodgers would be a guest star in an upcoming episode and that he would be playing the host of Jeopardy! as part of his cameo. What makes this interesting is that the show could have chosen any of the previous guest hosts although they stuck with Rodgers. In the end, this could mean absolutely nothing, although the timing is still significant.

Regardless, these next few weeks will be pivotal for Rodgers and we will continue to bring you the latest on his saga with the Packers.